Pull that old football helmet out of the garage and strap on your cardboard wings, it’s time to fly! AirBoy has a massive sweet tooth and he needs your help to get all the sugary deliciousness scattered all over the world, just watch out for those pesky creatures in your way. You’ll love this game as much as a fat kid loves....well, you get it.


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At The Phoenix Digital Group we create vibrant exciting designs every day for use in a variety of applications. Whether you need graphic designs, animations, visual effects, or a new web site, we are the experts. Our team has decades of experience at hand to bring your vision to life.

It's what we do.

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The Phoenix Digital Group is a collective of award winning designers and animators with decades of experience in animation, graphic design, interactive media, motion graphics, video production and visual effects. Their work has been recognized by the Telly Awards, the Communicator Awards and the Videographer Awards.
While based in Houston, Texas their work has been seen around the world, including being projected on the Times Square Jumbotron, played in the palace of versailles, and other cultural heritage locations. They have worked with a variety of world renowned people and organizations including, but not limited to, the National Geographic Society, The United Nations and Dr Zahi Hawass.

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The Phoenix Digital Group is currently working on our first mobile game, AirBoy. AirBoy follows a hero with a massive sweet tooth as he tries to collect desserts while avoiding creatures and other obsticles by flying and running. The game will be available on the App Store and Android Market.
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