What we do. 

    We utilize current technologies and design trends to create stunning visual work for our clientele in a variety of industries.  We've worked in the fields of television and film production, litigation graphics and animation, oil and gas visualizations, medical simulations and even architecture.  We've got the experience you need whether you need models and rigging for a video game, pre-viz for a live-action film, motion graphics for a television program's bumps and titles or even production on an animated feature.  There is no limit to what animation can accomplish and that holds true for our design team as well.  We also offer non-linear editing services, visual effects for features, video production and commercial graphic design; our diverse crew of artists have done it all.

The Phoenix Digital Group currently offers animation, motion graphics, concept and design services in the following industries:

Oil and Gas: Located Squarely in the energy capital of United States has helped us gain an insight into the needs and complexities of the oil and gas industry. Whether you need to illustrate safety procedures and protocols clearly and effectively or you need to showcase innovations in technology and engineering, The Phoenix Digital Group will do the job with an unparalleled eye toward quality and OSHA compliance.

Litigation: This area of animation can quickly and easily translate the finer points of your argument to a jury. Why leave any ambiguity for jurors to deliberate over? The last thing you want is for the jurors to answer their own questions behind closed doors. Use full color computer graphics to explain clearly what you need them to know prior to deliberation. However, this is custom animation designed and purposed to present your argument; not a simulation. These graphics are not proof or evidence supporting an argument, they are full color moving illustrations of an argument.

Architecture: Translate your architect's blueprints and floorplans into a stunning three-dimensional walk-through of a proposed building or development. Whether you supply your architect's CAD or obj files or simply the blueprints The Phoenix Digital Group can render your work accurately and effectively. Regardless of the complexity of your roof-plan or the difficult angles in your plot map our models are explicit in their accuracy. We can even provide high resolution print-ready stills of our model that can be effectively used as perspectives and elevations for marketing your project.

Medical: One of the more difficult aspects of a doctor's job can be dealing with a patient's fear and confusion of an impending medical procedure. Understanding a treatment is the best way to combat that fear and animation is a proven method of effectively explaining in simple terms even the most complex procedures to a nervous patient. From illustrating a PTA Stent placement or explaining why the less invasive endoAAA is far preferable for recovery than the openAAA, our animation is exactly what you need to calm a patient's nerves and prepare them for their role in their treatment.

Advertising: Our motion graphics and visual effects add production value to even the most budget conscious video production. While any editor can superimpose titles over video, it takes a specialist to integrate your marketing message into your production in the way that modern audiences demand. Some concepts can be difficult or even impossible to capture in-camera and that's also where we come in. Video isn't the only way to show consumers the benefits of your brand; eye-catching color and animation is the twenty-first century's way of educating your customers.

Feature Film and Television: Whether you need a full production facility to handle your project from script to post or you need an experienced visual effects house to DI your footage or add tricky visual effects, we're your answer. From node-based and layer-based compositing to advanced color-correction we've done it. Intricate dynamics architecture in a 3D environment? Complicated particle systems composited into live footage? Lighting and color match? Tedious match-moving? We're here to help.





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